Ukrtelecom, Public Joint-Stock Company

The Public Joint-Stock Company UKRTELECOM is the biggest and most powerful national telecommunications operator in Ukraine.

UKRTELECOM was created at the end of 1993 as association of State owned telecommunication companies and in April, 1998 it was reorganised into a united State owned telecommunication enterprise «Ukrtelecom».
In early 2000, following completed corporatization, UKRTELECOM was re-organized into joint-stock company.
By the volume and the range of telecommunication services UKRTELECOM is an indisputable leader of national telecommunications.
UKRTELECOM has 30 affiliates including 24 regional directorates, Kyiv directorate, Sebastopol directorate, Crimean directorate, Transmission Network directorate, Central long distance & international telephone and telegraph exchange, Main training centre.

UKRTELECOM is owner of the transmission network, trunk and local lines.
It provides all basic and advanced types of telecommunication services:

- international, long-distance and local telephone communications;
- wire and wireless communications;
- radio and television broadcasting;
- documentary telecommunications;
- video conference communications;
- leasing of digital links;
- Frame Relay;
- Internet access.

UKRTELECOM is intensively developing the national telecommunication infrastructure on the basis of fiber optic cable and digital microwave lines.
Quality digital communications have been established among all regional centers and large cities of Ukraine.
International exchanges in Kyiv and Lviv connect the citizens of our State to the remotest corners of the world.
UKRTELECOM provides telecommunication services to nearly 9 million subscribers Ukraine-wide.
We intensively modernise and develop local telecommunication networks on the basis of modern telecommunication equipment and due to this fact the telephone density in Ukraine raised up to 19,8 lines per 100 inhabitants. In Kyiv this level is going to the European one and is equal to 44,7 lines per 100 inhabitants of the capital.

Local telephone networks are being intensively modernized with the most up-to-date telecommunication equipment.

Introducing modern services on the high-technology basis, UKRTELECOM opens new opportunities for business and communication for its subscribers.
The development of UKRTELECOM’s data transmission network enable it to render Internet access services to end users and providers almost in all regions of Ukraine. Ukrtelecom has 102 nodes to provide the access to the Internet network. We started the realisation of the project for the modernisation and creation of supplementary 40 nodes.
UKRTELECOM provides its clients with more than 80 types of Internet services.

Digital links operated by UKRTELECOM are in growing demand; they are used to create corporate networks and to establish permanent connection to Internet providers.

UKRTELECOM is intensively introducing Frame Relay and ATM technologies. Actually we created 86 nodes to access the Frame Relay network.
The Frame Relay service enables its clients to create corporate networks with a flexible configuration, to simultaneously transmit data, voice and video information.

In December, 1996 Ukraine became the 50th member State of ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network).
UKRTELECOM provides primary and basic access to ISDN to residents of Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine.

In 1999 UKRTELECOM created a transport digital system of television and radio program distribution through fiber optic cable lines. This system ensures high-quality direct digital transmission and reception of television and radio signals at any distance, support to various video standards and a possibility of data transmission.

Thanks to the commissioning of modern digital exchanges, their subscribers can enjoy additional services: conference communications, abbreviated dialing, direct mode connection, call forwarding, outgoing call password protection and many others.

In 1999 UKRTELECOM started to introduce a telephone card that can be used in all regions of Ukraine. With the united UKRTELECOM card it is actually possible to make a call to any corner of our country or the world.

UKRTELECOM has participated in the creation of several joint ventures and investment companies that are successfully operating on the national telecommunications market: UTEL, UKRAINIAN MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS, INFOCOM, ELSACOM UKRAINE, TELESYSTEMS OF UKRAINE, TELECOMINVEST.

Ukraine’s geographical position is advantageous for the establishment of Europe-Asia transit routes. This determines its participation in a number of international telecommunication projects such as ITUR (Italy-Turkey-Ukraine-Russia), TEL (Trans-European Lines), TAE (Trans-Asia - Europe), BSFOCS (Black Sea Fiber Optic Cable System).
Already now, owing to the newly-built fiber optic cable lines along national routes and international segments, Ukraine routing of a considerable portion of transit traffic from other countries to Europe. This undoubtedly testifies the successful integration of its telecommunications into the global telecommunication space.

Together with every effort for the development of national telecommunications, UKRTELECOM is also committed to its civil duty to help those who need it most during this hard time - invalids, veterans, children, low-income families.
UKRTELECOM also contributes to the national revival in the independent Ukraine giving any support for culture and arts, health care and environmental protection, sports and juvenile creative activities.

Everywhere and anytime UKRTELECOM works for its clients, making distances shorter, goals nearer and people closer!


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