Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology National Science Center

  • Address:
    Akademichna str., 1, c. Kharkiv, 61108, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 335-16-88, 335-35-30, 335-61-82, 335-65-52
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Director General - Mykola Shulga

Scientific areas: solid-state physics and materials science, plasma physics, high-energy physics and nuclear physics, plasma electronics and new methods of acceleration, theoretical physics.

Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology (the KIPT, earlier referred to as Ukrainian Institute of Physics and Technology), being one of oldest and largest centers of physical science in Ukraine. It was created in 1928.

Five research institutes are included in the NSC KIPT:
- Institute of solid-state physics, materials science and technologies.
- Institute of plasma physics.
- Institute of high-energy physics and nuclear physics.
- Institute of plasma electronics and new methods of acceleration.
- Akhiezer Institute for theoretical physics.

Nearly 320 Candidates and 80 Doctors of Sciences, 10 Members of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine work here. From 1981 more than 80 monographs have been written by the scientists of the NSC KIPT. From 1992 the scientists of the Center have got 9 state prizes in science and technique.

Institute's focus
Institute's areas of core competencies include the following:
- scientific support of Atomic Energetics of Ukraine and creation of safe nuclear sources of new generation;
- elaboration of the stellarator concept of a fusion reactor and high power quasistationary plasma accelerators;
- investigations of mechanisms of nuclear reaction, structure of nucleii, charged particles-matter interactions. Linear electron accelerators;
- study of interaction of intense flows of charged particles, electromagnetic and ionizing radiation with substance. High current electron and ion accelerators;
- renewable sources of energy and sustainable technologies.

Among other important areas of technologies are:
- depositing coatings technologies;
- plasma and plasmochemical technologies;
- radiation and ion-beam technologies;
- thermogradient technologies for carbon-carbon composite materials production.

Areas for technology offerings:
- atomic industry;
- industry of pure materials;
- strengthening of materials for engineering industry;
- materials for medicine;
- energy and ecology;
- agriculture;
- water purification;
- sterilization of instruments and materials.

Scientific cooperation and technology transfer
Significant part of research in the NSC KIPT is executed within the framework of international agreements, on contracts with more than 75 organizations and companies of Russia, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, Holland, Sweden, Great Britain, Brazil, Poland, Korea, China, Japan. The Center supports and develops relations with many international organizations and centers of science (IAEA, CERN, JLAB (USA), Joint Institute of Nuclear Research in Dubna).

The NSC KIPT is an initiator of creation of several R&D companies which produce science intensive products:
- Scientific production enterprise "Rubin" of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Products: wires and foils from precious metals; Ag-Ni-Mg alloys; Ni crucibles; solders from precious metals.
- Scientific production center "Beryllium" of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Products: vacuum tight beryllium foils; beryllium windows for X-rays equipment and neutron sources.
- Pilot production of the NSC KIPT
Products: vacuum electric furnaces - "OTTOM"; vacuum-arc deposition equipment

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