Ecopolymer, Scientific-Industrial Firm

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    Tobolskaya street, 42 а, c. Kharkiv, 61072, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 717-18-18
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President - Yuriy Meshenguisser

Scientific-Industrial Firm (SIF) ECOPOLYMER was created in 1990 and is a multi-branch enterprise. The main business line of the company is promotion of modern highly efficient equipment for water supply and drainage facilities for cities and industrial plants. The company consists of design department, startup and commissioning department, industrial and municipal marketing departments, commercial department, advertising service, processing equipment department, information technologies service, groups of processes mathematical modeling and experimental projects, scientific-research laboratory, and two workshops for production of polymer products with annual production capacity of 90,000 meters of diffusers, drainage pipes and filters.

SIF ECOPOLYMER is ready to offer municipal and industrial enterprises the following main types of products and services:
- aeration systems for installation in aeration tanks, biological ponds and natural water bodies;
- drainage and distribution systems for rapid filters for water preparation and ion-exchange filters;
- flocculants;
- reconstruction of biological filters with application of polymer filter medium;
- process control of water treatment with the newest control and monitoring devices;
- pump equipment; sludge de-watering equipment;
- filters for fine treatment of air and liquids;
- trenchless reconstruction of water-supply and sewerage pipelines;
- control valves;
- polyethylene pipes;
- units for water desinfection;
- reconstruction of clarifiers;
- screens for mechanical wastewater treatment;
- design and construction of water supply and sewerage facilities.

Due to thorough control of material and accessories, functional control and laboratory tests of each diffuser the Ecopolymer production meets high world standards. The firm implements ISO 9001 quality control system.

To perform all types of proposed works and services the company has obtained state licenses of Russian Federation ( № ГС-1-77-01-21-0-3124003842-004555-3 and № ГС-1-77-01-22-0-3124003842-004556-3 ) and Ukraine (AA № 126574).

Production and scientific activities of the company are based on its own developments and more than 30 inventions. Not once has received the company awards for its products at international exhibitions.
SIF ECOPOLYMER employs 130 experts. Six of them possess Ph.D. degrees and academic titles, two employees are Academicians of Engineer Academy and two personal members of the International Water Association.

The company is spreading its international cooperation. Since 1994 ECOPOLYMER products have been exported abroad (India, South Korea, China, USA and others). SIF ECOPOLYMER is an official representative of many foreign companies, such as KROHNE, HUBER, DANFOSS, ABB, ABS, WEDECO, KEMIRA, ACE KOREA INC.

SIF ECOPOLYMER is a member of Water Supply and Sewerage Companies Association of Russian Federation and Ukraine, as well as International Water Association. At present more than 30 million m3 of wastewater are treated daily with the help of the Ecopolymer aeration systems. The company is a reliable partner and has a many-year experience of cooperation with more than 500 water supply and sewerage enterprises in 12 countries of the world.

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