Kharkiv Biscuit Factory, Private Joint-Stock Company

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    8, Lozivska str., c. Kharkiv, 61017, Ukraine
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    +38(057) 712-86-53, 712-88-96, 712-90-07, 712-90-68, 712-92-04
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General Director - Alla A. Kovalenko, a known and skilled specialist, a winner of many prizes, a Merited Worker of Industry of Ukraine.

Kharkiv Biscuit Factory is the only specialized enterprise of the confectionery industry of Ukraine that manufactures pastry: cookies, biscuits, crackers, wafers, sponge cakes, and rolls.

The Company was established in 1935. In December 1995, the factory was privatized by its work team. The number of labor is over 1,200.

The factory comprises two main shops, viz., Sponge Cake Shop (5 lines) and Wafer Shop (2 lines and 4 automatic machines), and Carton Package Shop. The equipment consists of up-to-date process lines produced by leading manufacturers: Minel, Sasib, Orlandi (Italy), HAAS (Austria), Polin, Reon. Output is over 100 MT per day, the range of products includes about 100 items.

The products of the "Kharkiv Biscuit Factory" CJSC feature:
- extended crackers of 7 items;
- 39 items of sugar crackers;
- 22 positions of short crackers;
- 21 positions of crackers;
- 9 positions of waffles;
- 5 positions of waffle tubes;
- 11 positions of biscuit cakes;
- 9 positions of chocolate and waffle cakes

The raw materials used are as follows: flour, sugar, starch, soda, various fats, dried and condensed milk, melange, eggs, alcohol, food acids, etc. All materials are produced in Ukraine. Those imported raw materials are cocoa powder, soya oil, coco chips, poppy seeds, sesame.

In 1998, the "biscuitka" acquired the controlling stake in Kharkiv Confectionary - one of the oldest confectionery businesses of Ukraine established in 1896 by George Borman, a supplier of the Imperial Court - where today about 1,300 people work. The output of sugar confectionery is 90 MT per day; the range of products includes about 150 items. The Confectionary has 5 highly mechanized shops, viz., Caramel Shop (6 lines); Toffee Shop (9 lines); Chocolate Sweet Shop (4 lines and 5 manufacturing sections); Chocolate Shop; Jelly and marshmallow Shop (8 manufacturing sections). The products are sold through own distribution network in Ukraine, exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, the Baltic countries, Mongolia, the United States, Germany, and Israel.
Kharkiv biscuit factory finished goods was certified as long ago as since 1993. In July 1998, Kharkiv Biscuit Factory, Private Limited Company began to develop and implement a quality system complying with the requirements of ISO 9001. The system was implemented, and in November 1999 Kharkiv biscuit factory was the first among Ukrainian confectioneries to receive an international quality system certificate. The certificates received recognize that the business assures quality at all the stages of production cycle beginning from design through the sales of finished goods.

A lot of prizes was received during last years. The most prestigious were the receipt in 1997 of Diploma of Winner of the Second Ukrainian National Quality Competition; in 1998, Diploma of Winner of GOLD FORTUNE All-Ukrainian Action; giving in 1999 to General Director Diploma of Winner of GOLD FORTUNE VI All-Ukrainian Open Popularity and Quality Rating in The Best CEO nomination. In 2000, in THE HIGHEST STANDARD National Competition, Firmovi sponge cakes and rolls, Debyut wafers were awarded with diplomas for unusual and the only in Ukraine recipes, wonderful gustatory qualities, high consumer attributes, and a wide spectrum of taste nuances. Among the awards received by Kharkiv confectioners' products one may also note Quality Gold Medal and Diploma of Winner of the Second Ukrainian National Quality Competition Rating in Major Businesses nomination. The Company support its trademark constantly participating in prestigious shows, exhibitions, advertising and charitable actions both in Ukraine and abroad.

The technical equipment of the Factory is constantly upgrading; the Company cooperates with world-famous companies such as Orlandi, HAAS, Sasib Bakery. In ISM 2000 - the largest specialized international confectionery exhibition - in Cologne, Germany, the Company showed its products for already second time and in 2000 was the first among the Ukrainian confectioners.

The Kharkiv confectioners were the first in Ukraine to appear on the world "confectionary podium". Having shown our achievements, having seen development trends of the world confectionary arts, we have convinced ourselves that Course for Quality is Avenue to Success!

In March 2001 in Moscow in a degustation competition within the framework of Confectionary of the Twenty-First Century III International Conference, such products of Kharkiv Biscuit Factory as Ukrainian and Pavlynka crackers were awarded with II Degree Diploma; Student chocolate was awarded with For Product Quality III Degree Diploma. In April 2001, the Company became the winner of The Best Trademark of Ukraine All-Ukrainian National Rating having received 9 gold medals in the degustation competition.

Products of the Kharkiv Biscuit Factory are sold through a retail network in Ukraine, are exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Baltic countries, Mongolia, USA, Germany, Israel.

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