Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Address:
    55 Bohdana Khmelnitskoho str., MSP, c. Kyiv, 01601, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(044) 482-03-01, 482-39-66
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President - Mykola V. Zasulsky

The chamber of commerce and industry is a non-state non-profit self-managed organization whose members are corporate bodies created and operating in compliance with the laws of Ukraine as well as individual citizens of Ukraine who have been registered as businessmen and associations thereof.

The creation of chambers of commerce and industry is aimed at promoting the national economy and its integration into the world economic system; the formation of modern industrial, financial, and commercial infrastructures; the provision of favorable conditions for entrepreneurial activities; and comprehensive development of all business types that are legal under the laws of Ukraine, as well as scientific, engineering, and trade relations between Ukrainian businessmen and businessmen from foreign countries.

(From the Law of Ukraine "On chambers of commerce and industry in Ukraine")

Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, is the country's industrial, commercial, financial, educational, scientific and cultural center, the seat of the main bodies of state administration and a large number of institutions.

It is also the seat of the metropolitan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), whose primary area of operation is Kyiv region.

The Kyiv CCI was created, and operates in accordance with the Law "On chambers of commerce in Ukraine" that was adopted by our Parliament at the end of 1997; its development has been going on in parallel with the making of a network a chambers of commerce in our country.

The above law stipulates the major principles underlying the creation of chambers of commerce and industry in Ukraine, establishes priority orientations and activity forms of the chambers, and regulates the relations between the chambers and the State.

The range of activities of the metropolitan Chamber is very wide, and aims at establishing business contacts between Ukrainian and foreign organizations, assimilating new forms of cooperation, and involvement in the implementation of international projects and in the holding of meetings of businessmen, business missions, conferences and presentations.

The most important services that the Kyiv CCI offers to its members include the execution of examinations, the control of the quality and completeness of goods and the determination of their value, the issue of certificates of origin, the declaration of external trade cargo, and the staging o f national and international exhibitions.

The Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry has consistently been orienting its efforts for the development of the business capacity of Kyiv, thus promoting the city's steadfast transformation into a business and financial center with a fittingly high rank among the European cities.

We believe that the changes that have been taking place in Ukraine, in particular in the metropolitan region, will reinforce favorable rends in the economy, generate new forms of cooperation, initiate interesting joint projects, and make Kyiv an appropriate place for fruitful business contacts. We are confident of the adequacy of the guiding lines that we have chosen, and hopeful of mutual understanding and appropriate constructive work.

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