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Kyivmiskbud, Holding Company, Joint-Stock Company

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    4/6, Suvorova str., c. Kyiv, 01010, Ukraine
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    +38(044) 280-38-44, 365-74-67
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For more than a millennium and a half the city of Kyiv dazzles the world by its unique beauty and singularity.

The period of forty-five years, during which Kyivmiskbud Holding Company has been the main Kyiv builder, is only a flash in the retrospect of time in comparison with historical background of construction of ancient town.

During this time the city on seven hills has grown almost eightfold; the good old traditions of architects and builders, city originality and its landscape remained intact; the monuments of historical and cultural value were not absorbed by new erections.

Kyivmiskbud Holding Company is a multifunctional construction-investment and production-maintenance complex.

It comprises more than 64 enterprises and organisations on the rights of branches and associated members, including 6 general construction trusts, 3 house-building integrated activity plants, specialised divisions, transport enterprises, construction mechanisation organisations, a large group of plants and integrated activities of construction industry, various specialised production companies providing for the execution of a full range of construction activities.

In the context of transition to new economic relations, due to carefully elaborated long-range policy of the companys leaders, Kyivmiskbud preserved its industrial production capacity, highly qualified personnel and its everlasting traditions. Starting from mid 1997 the company experiences self-made steady growth in the volume of construction works completion.

The annual rate of growth in the construction volume amounts to 20-25%.

Such indicators became possible primarily due to the expansion of the companys range of activities and universalization of its enterprises. Currently Kyivmiskbud divisions construct new objects and undertake renovation projects on reputable European level, carry out capital repairs of buildings and reconstruction of squares, roads and interchanges.

Among such projects are the renovation of city hotels for the annual Forum of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, reconstruction of big city interchange near the metro station Petrivka, Mikhaylivksa and Sofiyivska Squares, considerable by its dimensions and accomplished in a record short term reconstruction of the main street of the Ukrainian capital - Kreshchatik Street, construction of interchanges, crossings, etc.

The company acted as a general contractor on completion of works of above-mentioned objects.

Kyivmiskbud was the first company in Ukraine to elaborate and implement the housing scheme for the account of private individuals.

During the five years more than 200 million USD of private investors funds were attracted and allocated to construction under this scheme. 15 thousand apartments in 118 multistoreyed residential buildings were erected and submitted to the owners. Using private investment funds, multistage garages and other social objects were and are being constructed.

In 1999 the companys scheme of construction of social and trade objects was spread by Kyivmiskbud.

More than anything, the company cares about the interest of its clients.

Highly reliable scheme, its transparency and openness provoke interest of our investors. The program of housing for the account of the funds of the population is being successfully implemented, constantly improved, with new addresses being added.

The company was the first in Ukraine to introduce housing credit program. Newly built houses serve as collateral, i.e. on the basis of Kyivmiskbud the system of mortgage credit for the construction was implemented.

The design of the apartments and buildings meets the requirements of the investors and is constantly analysed by the group of marketing research specialists.

The fact that during the last few years a typical nomenclature of the series of buildings was completely reformed without any additional expenditures is illustrative.

Kyivmiskbud focuses special attention on elaboration of innovative efficient technological solutions. In collaboration with world-famous DOKA, a joint enterprise DOKA-UKRAINE was created. Starting from 1999 the formwork of DOKA company is widely used in Kyivmiskbud house-building practice. Presently residential buildings with total area of more than 100 thousand sq. m. are under construction.

The efficiency of innovative approaches to the residential and other types of construction, the companys experience, its technological possibilities and capacities allow for the construction of superior quality objects, while meeting completion terms agreed upon and receiving the recognition of investors and experts.

The experience of Kyivmiskbud Holding Company was recommended to be analysed and implemented in all regions of our state under special Decree of the President of Ukraine. In June 1999 the President of Ukraine issued a Decree About conduction of experiment in residential construction on the basis of Kyivmiskbud Holding Company, which in April 2000 came into force as Ukrainian Decree.

Under this Decree Kyivmiskbud is entrusted to realise state social program which provides for the following:
- the development of private funds attraction investment scheme;
- elaboration of purpose housing deposits with its future usage by the investor achieving retirement age;
- further development of mortgage credit system of housing.

The activities of Kyivmiskbud were honoured by numerous international and national awards.

Complex housing is the leading principle of Kyivmiskbud. Along with residential buildings, schools, nurseries, hospitals and shopping centres are constructed.

Kyivmiskbud has constructed premises for academic and educational institutions, hotels and shopping centres, cinemas and stadiums, undertaking almost every unique projects in the city.

Kreshchatik Street, rebuilt after the war and newly reconstructed, Memorial complex Museum of the Great Patriotic War , hotels Kyiv, Sport, Salute, TV studio complex these are only some of the objects that became somewhat a business card of a new architectural image of the city of Kyiv.

The residents and guests of the Ukrainian capital admire original architecture of new residential areas of Podyl, Kyiv Venice Rusanyvka, renovated Golden Gate, buildings of the National Opera House of Ukraine and National Philarmonic, Palace Ukraine.

In the light of transition to and expansion of market relations, Kyivmiskbud aims at the development and further improvement of its industrial and engineering capabilities while expanding the range of its activities.

The foreign investors regard Kyivmiskbud as a qualified and reliable partner and their interest towards the company grows day by day. A successful completion of the project of construction of Billa supermarket in Kyiv in which Kyivmiskbud acted as a general contractor may serve as a vivid example. In the nearest future the construction of other such supermarkets will be carried out.

The Agreements of Intent were signed with other famous foreign companies.

Kyivmiskbud Holding company has the honour to propose mutually beneficial co-operation in the field of construction, using high-quality materials and innovative technologies. The company is ready to consider proposals on using any competitive goods on the territory of its production, invites business partners for joint realisation of investment programs of housing and other projects in the city of Kyiv.

Kyivmiskbud Holding company has the honour to invite business partners for joint realisation of investing programs of housing and other projects.

The company is also ready to consider proposals on using on our production enterprises of high-quality materials based on innovative technologies and any competitive goods on mutually beneficial conditions.

Kyivmiskbud would appreciate to receive specific and feasible proposals.

We are looking forward to cooperation.

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