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Luga-Nova, Luhansk Alcoholic Drinks Mill, Private Join Stock Company

  • Address:
    1, Krasnogirskiy prov., c. Lugansk, 91002, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(0642) 34-56-31, 52-00-00, 52-14-69, 52-45-74
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Chairman of the Board - Leonid N. Derzhak

In 1896 the Belgium spirits society was built on the banks of the Lugan river. The Luhansk distillery was set up on the basis of this society according to the Tsars decree of 1900. Since then Luhansk distillery has been working without any intervals.
Since 1998 its goods are having been produced under the registered trademark Luga-Nova.
A wide range of products produced by Luga-Nova is well known beyond the borders of Luhansk region.

Some trade firms have been set up in Kyiv and in the Crimea. They successfully distribute Luga-Nova products. Besides that there are big wholesale companies from Donetsk, Kharkov, Dnipropetrovsk, Kherson, Sumy, Zaporizhzhia which distribute our production with great desire because it corresponds to the highest standards.

Day by day our enterprise is providing advanced technology. This allows to improve the quality of our goods. For instance, we have purchased an analytical gas-chromatographer for finding various dashes in spirits. The use of computers facilitates the process of measuring of these dashes.

The quality of vodka produced by Luga-Nova was highly appreciated at the 4th International exhibition ALCO SOFT (1999). Vodka Luga-Nova, special vodka Muscatna and a bitter nastoyka Zhytnya received gold medals. This year at the International exhibition ALCO SOFT our plant has been awarded with two medals for such kinds of Liqueur vodka products as Luga-Nova Zhensheneva and Luga-Nova/

Such kinds of vodka as Luga-Nova and Muscatna have got the European Certificate of Quality. In the nearest future we are going to supply both of them to Germany and to Holland.

Not long ago three new highest quality vodkas were registered. One of them is Mendeleev will be produced in honour of the great scientist who designed the recipe of the Russian traditional drink.

Some unique herbs grown in Nikitskiy Botanic gardens were put into Bila Koroleva (The White Queen) and into Persha Collectsya (The First Collection).

Founded in 1896.
250 workers are employed.
Annual sales: from USD 5.000.000 to USD 25.000.000
Stores: in Luhansk, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia, Dnipropetrovsk, Sumy and Sevastopol.
The network of specialized trade outlets includes 8 specialized stores in Luhansk. Their total area is 265 square metres.
Trade mark: Luga-Nova.

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