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UkrOrgVerstatinProm, Institute, Private Join Stock Company

  • Address:
    16 Gimnazychna nab., c. Kharkiv, 61010, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 732-71-37, 732-78-88, 732-89-31, 732-92-65, 732-93-29, 732-98-40
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General Director - Mykola Bilyavtsev

Ukrorgverstatinprom Institute, Closed Joint-Stock Company is an acknowledged leader in the CIS market of agricultural equipment for processing grain.

Ukrorgverstatinprom Institute began operating in 1952 as a pilot design & technology institute. In fact, the Institute is the main organization providing all the tool-making enterprises in Ukraine with design documents, non-standard equipment and rigs.

For 8 years, Ukrorgverstatinprom has been specialised in designing, manufacturing and supplying processing equipment for the agricultural sector on a turn-key basis. During this period the enterprise has become a leader in the market of grain-processing equipment.

At present more than 500 machines manufactured by the enterprise successfully operate in Ukraine, Russia, Byelarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and the Baltic countries.

The most successful course of development of the enterprise lies through designing and manufacturing Kharkivyanka roller flour mills meant for producing high and first grade flour from wheat grains. This project makes 92 % of the whole development program of the enterprise.

Presently, the output range of Kharkivyanka mills is the widest in the CIS - from 5 to 500 tons of grain per 24 hours, their functional features are constantly improved and modified.

The Kharkivyanka roller mills are unique in the CIS market owing to their technical & economical parameters, which are as follows:
- high flour output - up to 75 %, and up to 65 % for high-grade flour.
- sophisticated technological milling pattern
- compactness
- individual approach to customers. Individual requirements of customers in terms of the accessories, equipment composition, mode of grading products at the outlet, dimensions of the particular premises, where the equipment is to operate, are taken into account when designing the equipment.
- computer-aided system to control the production processes such as grinding and automated record-keeping as to the quantity of processed grain, produced flour and consumed electric energy (customized version)
- short payback period of the equipment (from 6 months to 1 year, depending on the model of the mill).

The range of manufactured equipment includes:
- roller mills with the output capacity ranging from 5 to 500 tons of flour per 24 hours;
- lines for production of cereals with the output capacity from 10 to 120 tons per 24 hours;
- lines for production of vegetable oil and mixed feed;
- grain storage premises for 200-1000 tons and more;
- extra equipment for the milling industry.

Besides, Ukrorgverstatinprom specializes in all kinds of design work (site surveys, design of equipment by customers' special requirements) and has all the necessary licenses and the professional staff to carry out design and construction work and render engineering services in Ukraine and Russia.

Ukrorgverstatinprom is a regular attendant of specialized exhibitions, fairs and workshops and its products have repeatedly won first prizes at a number of such contests. The enterprise has the best ratio for price/quality/reliability at the market which is proved by over 50 certificates and diplomas at different specialized, universal and international exhibitions, and also it is awarded with certificates of quality and compliance both at home and abroad.

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