TeploEnergiya, Inter-Sector Regional Corporation

  • Address:
    Mefodievska str., 11, c. Kharkiv, 61037, Ukraine
  • Telephone:
    +38(057) 737-87-90
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Corporation - Oleksandr Taraday, Dr. of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician of Ecology Academy of Ukraine, Corresponding Member of Engineering Academy of Ukraine, Vice-President of "UkrTeploKommunEnergo" Association.

We are ready to close cooperation in supplying the market by Ukrainian energy saving technologies.

In 2001 the corporation incorporated the structures carrying out and providing work of the entire heat and power sector of the Kharkiv region. The main purpose is creation of a single coordinating complex on production of heat power and quality servicing of Kharkiv region residents with heat and hot water under the lowest tariffs.

The corporation was registered in the Kharkiv Municipal Executive Committee as an enterprise with its own settlement, current accounts and a foreign currency account. as well as licenses for all types of performed works, including the license for supply and output of industrial gas.

The corporation features the structures with long-term experience and stable and beneficial ties with national and foreign partners.

Heat supplying enterprises:
Oblast municipal enterprise of heat networks with 21 affiliate enterprises providing services for the consumers throughout the Kharkiv oblast.
Oblast production complex of heat networks "Kharkivteploenergo" with affiliate companies.
"Heat and power complex of the Rogan industrial area" enterprise.
"Boiler houses of hospital complex" etnerprise.

The main sphere of business of those enterprises is operation of:
- working out, conveyance and distribution of heat power both by centralised mode (from HPPs and major boiler houses) and decentralised (from local boiler houses, apartment and house boiling gears);
- servicing interior heat suplly systems: heating, ventilation, hot water supply for consumers (industrial, administrative, budget and residential premises);
- servicing heat distributing stations, central and individual heating terminals, elevator units, boiler and pumping houses, heat-supply networks of all types, all types of boiler houses, gas mains, consumption meters for heat, hot and cold water supply;
- whole complex of start-and-adjustment works and regime trials of heat-engineering, gas and auxiliary equipment of boiler houses, heat networks, heat-distribution stations, individual heat terminals and interior systems with issuing certain documents.

The enterprises producing equipment for the heat and power engineering sector:

- "Ankor-Teploenergo"
it is a Ukrainian producer of plate-type heat exchangers.
Performs the full complex of works: estimation, designing, production, warranty and after-warranty servicing, supplies componentry. It produces automated heat terminals for heat and hot-water supply; plate-type heat exchangers for housing and communal services, as well as for chemical, petrochemical, power-engineering, refrigerating nad food processing industries; it also produces rectifying-discilating units.

- "Oniks" Ltd
The company produces pipes insulated with polyurethane foam and thin polyethylene pipes. Complex works on designing and construction of heating mains of insulated pipes.

- "Device" Ltd
Ukrainian-Danish joint venture, produces devices for accounting heat energy.
Performs the full complex of works: design study, production and assemblage of heat energy accounting units. Performs warranty servicing for heat counters. Tests all types of heat, water, power and gas counters both of Ukrainian and foreign production, including standard ones in the unique in Ukraine, Danish laboratory.

The corporation provides:
- legal servicing for heat-supplying enterprises and individual legal and natural entities in heat-supply issues;
- preparation and reception of documents of Antimonopoly committee;
- regulating relations between "heat suppliers", "Service Provider" and Consumer, etc;
- preparation and hold of disputes concerning heat-supply issues;
- preparation and development of statuts for enterprises with various types of ownership.

The corporation rents boiling houses, heat networks, heat distribution terminals, pumping and elevator units and interior heat-supply systems.

The corporation carries out scientific-research works on all trends of municipal heat and power engineering.

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