Spetsavtomatika, Institute, Private Join Stock Company

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    4A, Uchebnaya str., c. Lugansk, 91050, Ukraine
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    +38(0642) 47-61-64, 47-25-15
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Director - Anatoliy I. Turchyn

The above- mentioned Institute is an organization, having licenses of Ministry of Housing and Construction, Ministry of Internal Affairs , State supervision of Labour Protection , State Municipal Engineering Supervision of Russia and specialized on carrying out of works on automatic plants and security system.

Almost 30 years experience of complex designing of installations and security systems with application of computer equipment for carrying out calculations and graphics, high quality of the design documentation enable executing more with than 120 projects annually by the highly qualified specialists of the Institute for different firms and organisations in Ukraine, Russia and countries of CIS.

Institute is a collective member of the International public organisation "Academy of sciences of fire security of Ukraine".

The institute proposes to your kind attention the following complex of services:

Elaboration of the complex, design and operational and repair documentation for the following installations and systems:
- Water, foam, gas and powder fire extinguishing; fire extinguishing with finely dispersed water, carbonic acid of low pressure, as well as sublaying fire extinguishing in tanks containing volatile flammable liquid, combustible liquids, fire alarm;
- Warning of people about fire;
- Smoke removal from buildings;
- Utilisation of "rigid" frothers and their aqueous solutions;
- Stations of charging, repair and maintenance of gas and powder fire extinguishers;
- Cleaning of an industrial effluents containing ions of heavy metals;
- Telesupervision, security and alarming signalling system, access control, security signalling system of perimeter for firms , separate facilities, buildings and premises;
- Control of concentration of combustion gases and vapours of liquids in air of manufacturing premises;
- Control of the contents of chlorine in air and water, localisation of a chloride surge in case of emergency spillage of fluid chlorine;
- Control of contents of ammonia in air and water, suppression of vaporisation in case of emergency spillage of fluid ammonia;
- Warning about leakage of chlorine (ammonia) from object.

- Technical examination, guideline on equipping firms, buildings, facilities and premises by installations of a fire-protection, alarm automatics and security systems.
- Technical assistance in modernisation, renovation and technical upgrading of existing installation and security systems.
- Delivery of the equipment and material for mounting of installations and security systems.
- Delivery of means of personal chemical protection.
- Manufacture and delivery of the optional equipment and standard low-voltage devices.
- Carrying out of mounting, starting-up and adjustment works as well as maintenance of installation and security systems.
- Performance of measurements of parameters of the electrotechnical equipment and articles

For application in the projects of new engineering solutions on safety control, the Institute co-operates with Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Fire Security and Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine of Ukraine, Scientific Research Institute of fire prevention and Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia, scientific, design organisations and manufacturers of the equipment in Ukraine, Russia and countries of CIS.

Address to us, and you will find reliable partner.

Remember! It is necessary to pay for safety, and for its absence - to reap the consequences!

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