Liky Ukrayiny, Chernihiv Regional Municipal Enterprise

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    7 Ivana Mazepy str., c. Chernigiv, 14000, Ukraine
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General Director - Igor Nazarenko

The Chernihiv regional municipal enterprise "Liky Ukrayiny" is created on October 4, 1999 on the basis of the former Chernihiv regional drugstore department by its reorganization.

The founder of the enterprise is the Chernihiv regional rada.

CHRME "Liky Ukrayiny" is one of the most powerful pharmaceutical enterprises in the region.

On treaty terms it cooperates with chemist's establishments of the area of all patterns of ownership, uniting them on a professional basis and executing function of the regional methodical-organizing pharmaceutical center.

Structure of the enterprise in qualities structural subdivisions includes chemist's establishments of a municipal pattern of ownership, including: 87 drugstores, from them: 12 - central regional, 57 - village and 18 - urban; 65 chemist's items and boothes; regional chemist's storehouse.

More than 700 people work at the enterprise, among them about 500 experts with pharmaceutical education .

Due to fruitful work of the stuff, the reliable and responsible chemist's service is created in the region, it gives an opportunity to render the population qualitative, complete and duly medical help.

The General Director of CHRME "Liky Ukrayiny" is Svitlana V. Pastalytsya, a highly skilled expert with the 20-year's experience of professional activity, pharmacist of a maximum qualifying category.

As the basic directions of the work Svitlana Vasylivna considers:
- Creation of modern material base of a chemist's network and its constant development; stuffing of chemist's establishments by highly skilled experts and creation of appropriate conditions for their high-efficiency and quality work;
- Filling of a chemist's network of the enterprises with wide range of drugs and medical tools on the basis of study of population demand and the demand of medical and preventive establishments;
- Maintenance of medical help quality;
- Achievement of stable positive dynamics in economic activity of the enterprise;
- Social protection of the poor.

The system of structural subsections accommodation of CHRME "Liky Ukrayiny" allows to sale preparations through chemist's establishments of a municipal pattern of ownership almost in all parts of the region. The characteristic feature of these chemist's establishments work is manufacture of drugs and sterile medical forms at chemist's .

The enterprise structural subsections material base corresponds to normative requirements.

The rationally equipped workplaces, mechanization and automation of complex technological processes, computerization, constant care of maintenance of an appropriate level of professional knowledge of the experts - create conditions for qualitative and productive work of the workers.

The organizational-pharmaceutical department carries out the function of supervising and organizing body of pharmaceutical activity of structural subsections of the enterprise.

One of the basic directions of work of the enterprise is maintenance of a chemist's network by necessary range of drugs and products of medical purposes.

For a long time the enterprise keeps strong, reliable business ties with many factories and drugs suppliers.

Business partnership in market and information fields, drugs purchase and sales activity control is carried out by the Marketing Department .

The department of marketing organises joint meetings of doctors, chemist's workers and medical representatives, domestic and foreign firms that allows the experts to discuss clinical pharmacology and pharmacy, to improve their upgrade and to denote the demand in drugs among population and medical establishments.

The important link in drug and medical goods supply system in the structure of the enterprise is the regional drug storehouse. It was created in Chernihiv region in 1920. Even now it remains an important supplier of drugs and especially of the drugs which can be stored and sold only in state-owned chemist's, according to standards.

The wide range of drugs is provided by the products of the local pharmaceutical factory. The factory follows the demand and its products are comparatively cheap

The financial and economic activity CHRME "Liky Ukrayiny" gives stable positive results.

Moreover, the enterprise helps to the poor layers of society
Veterans servicing departments work at the chemist's. Medicines with reduced prices are sold there. It enables to reduce budget costs.

The enterprise periodically gives the humanitarian help to medical-preventive and children's establishments.

In spite of the unprofitability of some village drugstores they are kept in the enterprise in order to render medical help to the village population.
The flexible price policy is carried out by the MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM and prices department .

The management of the enterprise concerns about experts training for the needs of drugstore network of the region and their professional grade.

The personnel policy starts with professional orientation of the young, compiling of state order plans on preparation of the experts, establishment of mutual connections with higher educational pharmaceutical establishments.

The enterprise directs the young to higher educational establishments according to normative legislation terms.

The chemist's establishments CHRME "Liky Ukrayiny" are the students training base
The close contacts are constantly supported with National pharmaceutical academy of Ukraine, Pharmaceutical Faculty of the Kiev Medical University, Kiev Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Kharkiv Pharmacy Upgrade Institute etc.

Seminars for specialists of different profiles, scientific-practical conferences, symposia, upgrade courses and intinerant courses for farmacists are held.
The enterprise renders consultant services on pharmaceutical activity, use of medical preparations, stocking of medical raw materials, on personnel issues, job safety and accident insurance, legal advice concerning legislation excution in chemist's establishments.

The activity CHRME "Liky Ukrayiny" carries out in close contact with local authorities, with public health services department of Chernihiv Oblast State Administration and many public organisations.

Chernihiv regional municipal enterprise "Liky Ukrayiny" today is:
- the oldest state drugstore structure in Chernihiv region;
- organisational and consultant center on pharmaceutical activity of chemist's establishments;
- The organisation, which offers a wide range of medicines of the leading domestic and world producers;
- Wholesale and retail seller of medicines at low prices;
- The manufacturer of high-quality medicines by recipes and orders of medical-prophylactic centers;
- Pharmacists professional upgrade improvement basis;
- Guarantee of reliable and mutually beneficial business ties with partners
- The representative of chemist's establishments of the region.

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