Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems Named After Pidhorny, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences

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    2/10 Pozharskoho str., c. Kharkiv, 61046, Ukraine
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    +38(0572) 94-46-35, 94-55-14, 95-95-64
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The A.N. Podgorny Institute for Mechanical Engineering Problems of NAS of Ukraine (IPMash) was found in 1972. The first Director of the Institute from 1972 to 1996 was Academician of NAS of Ukraine, A.N. Podgorny (1932-1996). Yu.M. Matsevity, Academician of NAS of Ukraine, is the head of the Institute since 1996.

IPMash has 13 scientific departments with a staff of 330 specialists (123 research workers, including one Academician and two Corresponding Members of NAS of Ukraine; and 24 Doctors and 67 Candidates of Science). The Institute also has a special Design-and-Engineering Bureau, and a pilot production facility. The Scientific-and-Engineering Concern "IPMash NASU" was found in 2000.

Scientific schools formed in the Institute:
- Fluid mechanics and profiling blading in hydraulic machines (founder - Academician AS UkrSSR, G.F. Proskura);
- Mechanical engineering in power machine building (founder - Academician AS UkrSSR, A.P. Filippov);
- Optimisation of processes and design of turbomachines (founder - Academician AS UkrSSR, L.A. Shubenko-Shubin);
- Mathematical simulation of physical processes (founder - Academician NASU, V.L. Rvachev);
- Nonconventional power engineering, in particular hydrogen power engineering (founder - Academician NASU, A.N. Podgorny);
- Heat physics in the area of simulation and identification of non-linear heat processes (founder - Academician NASU, Yu.M. Matsevity).

The Institute carries out basic and applied research in the following key areas:
- optimisation of processes in power machinery, and improving their design;
- energy saving technologies and nonconventional power engineering facilities;
- predicting the reliability, dynamic strength and life of power equipment;
- simulation and computer technologies in power machine building.

The Institute carries out focused applied research in advanced integrated problems for the national economy.
IPMash NAS of Ukraine is an active participant in forming the "Energy strategy of Ukraine to 2030"; the concept of the State program for ensuring technological safety in the key branches of the economy; the Regional program "Resource"; the initiator of the Academic Scientific-and-Educational Complex (ASEC) for open-ended training of scientific personnel starting from school (academic lyceums) and through to post-graduate and Doctorate courses. It includes NSC KhPhTI and 8 leading higher education institutes in Kharkov.
The Institute maintains a program for training scientific staff through doctorate and post-graduate courses. There are two specialised Scientific Councils for maintaining Doctor's and Candidate's Theses.

The activities of the scientists have been recognised by awarding the State Prizes of the U.S.S.R. and Ukraine; name prizes of outstanding scientists of Ukraine; Prizes of the Presidium of NASU for young scientists; scholarships of the President of Ukraine and the Oblast State Administration named after renown scientists of the Kharkov Region; and diplomas of local self-administration bodies.

The results of scientific research of the Institute's scientists are published in many specialised foreign journals.
The Institute publishes the international scientific and engineering journal titled in English as the Journal of Mechanical Engineering.

IPMash NAS of Ukraine is a participant of several international and national exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad.

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